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Esquimalt Lagoon
Migratory Bird Sanctuary

Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC

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caspian terns

Forest: A “Stanley Park” for Victoria – Our Last Chance

You don’t have to go to Cathedral Grove to see giant trees. This land above Esquimalt Lagoon contains trees that are among the top 10 biggest Douglas fir trees in the province. One of the firs, dubbed the “Magna Carta Tree”, dates back to the era of Runnymede. It was already several hundred years old when an enormous earthquake hit Vancouver Island in 1700. Three hundred years later, you can see where the very top of the tree snapped off – but the tree is still thriving, and now measures almost two metres in diameter.

The land also contains hemlock, cedar, Garry oak woodlands and arbutus -- as well as the most easterly grove of Sitka spruce on Vancouver Island. It also possesses wetlands, interesting geological features from the Ice Age, and aboriginal cultural sites.


Learning Naturally
Unique program turns the outdoors into a classroom where a rowing shell and nature are the students' tools

Sitting in a rowing shell for the first time, Grade 6 and 7 students from Rogers elementary school in Saanich carefully push away from the dock on Esquimalt Lagoon in a long, skinny eight-seat shell ... more


May 2006:

Lagoon Estates Development 

A 660 unit, $350 million dollar five-tower and townhouse-housing development at Esquimalt Lagoon is being planned. Details ...



Laura Tobber, Nicole Sandborn and Calvin Sandborn are wrapped around one of the giant Douglas fir trees dubbed the "Magna carta Tree" on land around the Esquimalt Lagoon.