From downtown Victoria go North on Douglas Street. Douglas Street will eventually veer westward and become Highway 1. Remain on Highway 1 for about one km then take the right-hand exit lane towards Colwood. The road will take you underneath Highway 1 and the railroad. Continue forward and you will shortly cross a bridge beside the Six Mile Pub. Travel up the hill but move to the left lane because you will be turning left at the lights immediately past the Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre (turning onto Ocean Boulevard). Zero your travel indicator here. Go 0.4 km, turn left again, and head toward Fort Rodd. You will be driving through a forested area of mixed fir, maple, oak and alder trees. Although the lands on either side of the road are private property there is room in several places along the way to pull onto the shoulder. Listen and watch for Chestnut-backed Chickadee, Red-breasted Nuthatch, Song Sparrow, Winter and Bewick's Wren, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Dark-eyed Junco, Steller's Jay, Spotted Towhee, Orange-crowned Warbler, vireos, and Pacific-slope Flycatcher along this arbored way. At 1.8 km you reach a road on the left which will take you to Fort Rodd National Historic Site and Fisgard Lighthouse. Do not take the road to Fort Rodd at this time. Fort Rodd is another good place to check out after you have scoured the lagoon.

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